Products - Secure License Manager for .NET

Feature/Flag Lock

Allows enabling and disabling a functionality in your application. You can also use this to determine license versions/editions in your application such as Standard, Professional, Enterprise etc ...

Time Limit

Allows specifying an exact date or number of days based time limit after which the license will be invalid. Time limit can be used to disable trial license keys. It can also be used for subscription based licenses where a license key is only valid for a specified duration.

Custom / Additional License Data

Allows embedding any data within the license. For example, if you want to store the license owner email, company name or any other information, you can store it in the license key and load this information after the license is successfully validated.

System/Machine Lock

You can generate licenses that are tied to a specific system/machine to enforce that licenses can work on a particular system/machine the license was generated for.

System/Machine Lock - Tolerance

For System/Machine locked license keys, you can specify the tolerance level how many system identifiers can change before determining the license key as invalid. For example, if you specify four System/Machine identifier options in your license key and set the tolerance level to two, Secure License Manager will deem a license key as invalid, if two or more System/Machine identifiers are different.

Flexible Licensing Models

You can use "Unlock Key" licenses which require no server side verification and activation or "Activation Key" licenses which require server side activation and validation.

Flexible License Key Formats

Generate compact license keys by choosing Public/Private key sizes that range from 384 to 2048 bits and using various license format

    Hex ("FC6B74-BDC33E-D9ECF2-..."
    Base 32 ("BRLBV-MWACF-EYWSL-...")
    Base 62 ("8jBGo-iSxXQ-163kZ-...")
    Base 64 ("YiyLN-0AQ0k-a9eLA-...==")